About Us

“With its creative mix of brews ranging from the traditional to the innovative, Bare Bones Brewery has quickly made its presence felt in Northeast Wisconsin’s thriving beer scene.” – Lee Reiherzer of Oshkosh Beer Blog

On May 29th, 2015, Bare Bones Brewery opened its doors bringing the first craft brewery to Oshkosh in 20 years. Founded by Dan and Patti Dringoli, Bare Bones strives to push the envelope with their unique take on American styles crafted by brewmaster RJ Nordlund.

Located in the town of Oshkosh, Bare Bones provides a quality beer drinking experience off the beaten path.

Meet Our Staff

10629804_10205967215553296_3008283933169311078_nDan & Patti Dringoli

Bare Bones Brewery is proudly owned and operated by Dan and Patti.  They’ve had the business next door; PuroClean, for over 10 years, then they decided to do something fun!





RJ Nordlund


Big, bold, and (as Dan says) glorious beer!  RJ makes the beer that he wants to drink, a guideline instilled in him by Founders Brewing Co. where he got his start back in 2013.  As an assistant with no prior knowledge of brewing, he soaked in all the lessons he could from some of the best brewers in the world.  From there he moved on to brew for a start up, Fetch Brewing Co. in 2014. Following that had a lead brewing position at Harmony Brewing Co. in 2015 before making his way to Bare Bones the following year. Not only does he make fantastic beer, but is also a talented musician. You can learn more about RJ and his music on his website.



12390854_10206993179339576_1880270511750267986_nJarred Sovey

Jarred is currently a college student and can name a tune in one note!




13412961_10209985978389994_8781578391472586249_nElizabeth Resch

Besides service with a smile, Elizabeth is also a hairdresser.




10357605_10202408208149789_5550611557496708938_nMichelle Rosenberg

Works as a librarian by day and a bartender by night. She can answer most questions you have about beer. If she doesn’t know the answer, she can find it for you.



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