Funny Bones Comedy Show

Bryan Bixby, a Wisco native, has become a top comedian in the Pacific Northwest! Bryan stands out with his punchy writing, confident stage presence, and rapid-fire delivery. Bryan was named “Funniest in Portland” by Willamette Week newspaper in 2022. Bryan is widely known for talent of roasting, and hosts the monthly roast battle show “Everyone Hates You.”

Vanessa Pants, a feisty mama of 4, is a natural performer. “Stunningly talented and exceedingly functional, yet bizarre” said a drunk dude at a bar once. Vanessa has performed with Mary Mack, Aparna Nacherla, Dan Cummins, Deb DiGiovanni, Yo Mama, Jessica Kirson & Dusty Slay.

Beneath Chris Schmidt’s mild-mannered charm is a savage joke writer, as evidenced by his warped wordplay and twisted punchlines. The Milwaukee comic makes a strong impression with absurdly imaginative and meticulously crafted material, Chris is a headliner on the Comedy Brewery Tour, & is a regular at Skyline Comedy Club & the Laugh Tap comedy club.

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