Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are dogs allowed at your brewery?

    The simple answer is yes.  Dogs are allowed on the patio at the Brewery.  We technically are a restaurant holding a license for food and governed by the Winnebago Health Department.  That being said, dogs are not allowed inside where food is being served. The Health Department also considers “Ice” food and we served mixed drinks.  So you can bring your dog but please keep them outside as much as possible.  We realize you may need to refill your beer or you dog may need to cool down on a hot day or warm up on a cold day but we certainly cannot operate as a doggie playground indoors.  We appreciate your understanding.

  • Do you serve food at your brewery?

    Yes we do serve food. We have Village Pub Pizzas which are made here in Oshkosh.  We also offer pizza rolls, have fresh Cheese Curds delivered from Dupont Cheese every Thursday.  We also have beef sticks from Becks Meats locally and bags of chips and snacks.  Popcorn is free at the brewery and we always encourage carry ins or deliveries of food to enhance your craft beer experience.

  • Do you allow private parties?

    Yes, private parties are allowed depending schedule. Small parties we have a minimum bar bill if you want to reserve some tables, and the purchases can be open bar style or guests pay as they go.  We typically do not close for a private party unless its very large, we know the people or the cause, and then there is much larger minimum bar tab to have the entire facility.  All questions should be directed to patti@barebonesbrewery.us on party inquiries.