About Us

“With its creative mix of brews ranging from the traditional to the innovative, Bare Bones Brewery has quickly made its presence felt in Northeast Wisconsin’s thriving beer scene.” – Lee Reiherzer of Oshkosh Beer Blog

On May 29th, 2015, Bare Bones Brewery opened its doors bringing the first craft brewery to Oshkosh in 20 years. Founded by Dan and Patti Dringoli, Bare Bones strives to push the envelope with their unique take on American styles crafted by Head Brewer Jody Cleveland.

Located in the town of Oshkosh, Bare Bones provides a quality beer drinking experience off the beaten path.

Meet Our Staff


Dan & Patti Dringoli

Bare Bones Brewery is proudly owned and operated by Dan and Patti.  They’ve had the business next door; PuroClean, for over 10 years, then they decided to do something fun!


Jody Cleveland
Head Brewer

Jody got his start in brewing in 2011. A hobby quickly became an obsession, and he began to work at it professionally. Starting as Assistant Brewer at Bare Bones, then moving on to a brewer position at Fox River Brewing Company. In 2018 he made a return to Bare Bones as Head Brewer.


Jarred S.
Former Bartender- celebrity guest tender at times, moved to Menasha to open Tight Barrel Distillery


Elizabeth J.
Bar Manager 

Eli”Z”abeth is the OB (Original Bartender) with us practically when the doors opened.  She manages the taproom and is the glue that keeps the taproom alive. Does a lot of the decorating, schwag/apparel stuff and helps coordinate all taproom functions. Married a customer from years ago and captain of the ship.

erin 1

Erin C.

 Erin is a full-time medical professional; recently engaged to Tim from Feed the Dog and we hope to keep her as long as we can. Erin is a long timer as the second senior bartender and a super familiar face to the Bare Bones crowd.

Nicole L.

Bartender P/T and full-time counselor. Recently engaged with one of our great BB customers!

Jen K.

Bartender P/T is a recent addition harvested from our great customer base of patrons.

Our Distributors:

Lee Beverage of Wisconsin

General Beer of the Northwoods